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Micro laryngeal surgery

Micro laryngeal surgery

Micro laryngeal surgery, also known as microlaryngoscopy, is a specialized surgical procedure performed to diagnose and treat various conditions affecting the larynx, commonly known as the voice box. It involves the use of a microscope and specially designed instruments to access and operate on the delicate structures of the larynx. This minimally invasive technique allows for precise visualization and targeted treatment, resulting in improved outcomes and faster recovery for patients.

One of the primary benefits of micro laryngeal surgery is its ability to preserve the natural function of the vocal cords.

The larynx plays a crucial role in voice production, breathing, and swallowing. Conditions that can affect the larynx include vocal cord nodules, polyps, cysts, papillomas, vocal cord paralysis, and laryngeal tumors. Micro laryngeal surgery enables surgeons to address these conditions effectively while minimizing trauma to the surrounding tissues.


The procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia, and a laryngoscope is used to visualize the larynx. A microscope is then employed to magnify the view, providing a detailed examination of the vocal cords and other structures. Small surgical instruments, such as microscissors, microforceps, and lasers, are used to remove or treat any abnormalities identified during the examination.

Benefits of micro laryngeal surgery

The natural function of the vocal cords. By using specialized instruments, surgeons can precisely remove or address lesions without causing significant damage to the surrounding healthy tissues. This targeted approach helps to minimize scarring and reduce the risk of complications, such as voice changes or breathing difficulties.


After the procedure, patients may experience temporary hoarseness or a sore throat. However, these symptoms typically resolve within a few days. The recovery period for micro laryngeal surgery is generally shorter compared to traditional open surgeries, allowing patients to return to their normal activities relatively quickly.

In conclusion

Micro laryngeal surgery is a specialized surgical technique that has revolutionized the field of laryngology. By providing precise visualization and targeted treatment of laryngeal conditions, it offers improved outcomes and faster recovery for patients. This minimally invasive approach has become the gold standard for many laryngeal procedures, benefiting both patients and researchers alike.

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